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Contact Information

Tomika H. Irving, Circuit Judge

Twenty-Second Circuit Court District of Mississippi

Post Office Box 278

Fayette, MS 39069 

Jefferson Telephone: (601) 786-9600                                

Jefferson Facsimile: (601) 786-8900 

Copiah Telephone: (601) 623-1978

Copiah Facsimile: (601) 623-1979

No person shall undertake to discuss with or in the presence or hearing of the judge the law or the facts or alleged facts of any case then pending in the court or likely to be instituted therein, except in the orderly progress of the trial, and arguments or briefs connected therewith; nor attempt in any manner, except as stated above, to influence the decision of the judge in any such case or matter.                  UCRCC 1.10

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